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Lecture 11

ADM 1301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Management, Reward System

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ADM 1301
John Palmer

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Chapter 16
Sustainability Strategy
Sustainability strategy a plan that views economic, ethical social, and environmental
responsibilities more intensively and integrates corporate social responsibility (CSR) into all
facets of the orporatio’s operatios
Sustainability Strategy Continuum
- Amoral sustainability strategy
- Compliance-based sustainability strategy
- Emerging sustainability strategy
- Comprehensive sustainability strategy
Main Characteristics of Sustainability Strategies
- Awareness
- Stakeholder focus
- Management/Staff involvement
- Board involvement
- Ethics program
- CSR program
- Reporting
Strategic Management
Strategic Management the process through which a corporation establishes its mission
and objectives, analyzes the environment and resource capabilities in order to formulate
strategy, creates the organizational systems and processes needed to implement the
strategy, and devises mechanisms for evaluating performance
Sustainability Strategy and Purpose
Vision - a statement of what the corporation wants to become or where it wants to be at
some date in the future
Mission an enduring statement that specifies in broad, even philosophical, terms the
orgaizatio’s reaso for eig ad hat distiguishes it fro similar organizations
Values - the basic assumptions about which ideals are considered desirable or worth striving
Sustainability Strategy Formulation
- Assessment of the external environment in which the corporation operates
o understand when and how this environment influences the corporation
- Assessment of internal resources and capabilities
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