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ADM2337 Chapter 6
- The process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants
- Ends when an adequate number of candidates apply
- Why is recruitment strategically important to the organization
o Human talent is critical to high organizational performance
o Recruitment is critical to successful Employer Branding.
o “The promise made to employees and their perception of how well
that promise is delivered.”
(Diagram in book)
1. Identify job openings
2. Specify job requirements
3. Select methods of recruitment
4. Generate pool of qualified applicants
Internal Recruitment Advantages:
- Competence is rewarded thus:
o Increasing commitment and performance
o Decreasing turnover
- More accurate assessment of employee ability
- Less orientation needed (lower costs of training and recruitment)
- Discontent of unsuccessful candidates
- Time consuming if one is already preferred (manager already knows who
he wants to fill the position)
- Dissatisfaction with insider as new boss. (People have to get used to a new
relationship or new role the person is playing)
- “Inbreeding” Good to have fresh new ideas from outside instead of familiar
people from the inside.
- Methods: Job posting, (intranet), HR records and skills inventories.
External Recruitment Advantages:
- Larger, more diverse pool
- Assists in EE goals
- Acquisition of new skills/reduced need for training
- (Sometimes companies buy other smaller companies, if they want to acquire
skills that are very specific)
- Elimination of employee rivalry and competition. (Employee Equity can be
- Type of Job affects recruitment method chosen
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