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Lecture 7

ADM 2337 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: The Employer, Active Listening, Body Language

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ADM 2337
Magda Donia

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Lecture 7
The Preparation Process
!Anticipate questions and practice answers
o!Family, friends, Career Centre: Practice Interview
!Prepare any documentation you want to bring
o!Portfolio, letters of reference, transcripts, projects
!Plan your route/map out your day
Interview Etiquette
!Don’t be late / Don’t be too early
!Dress to impress / Dress for success
!Bring paper and pens, copies of your resume and letters
!Act appropriately and professionally with everyone in the office.
!Body language and a firm handshake are very important (shows
!Listen carefully, ask questions and take time to reflect when
!Be cool and confident without coming across as being arrogant.
!Don’t bring up salary, benefits or holidays at the first interview
o!If they ask for your salary expectations…look into what typical
starting salary beforehand
!Thank the interviewers for their time.
Types of Interview Questions
!Traditional / General
o!Getting-to-know-you questions, icebreakers, understanding-
your-personality questions
o!Success depends on your responses as well as on the rapport
you build with the interviewers
o!Based on the premise that past behaviour is the best
predictor of future behaviour
o!Success depends on the relevance of the example you choose
and your ability to clearly describe the Situation, Task, Action
and Result
o!Provide a STAR answer!
o!Use the CAR approach: Context, Action, Result
Other Types of Interviews
!Phone Interview Tips
o!Keep paper and pens, a copy of your resume, and a list of the
jobs you have recently applied for near the phone.
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