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Lecture 5

ADM 3321 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Beer In Canada, Consumer Protection

Course Code
ADM 3321
Michael Mulvey

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Lecture 5
Previously studied… Team Project Topics
!Make-it-yourself Consumers
!Intense emotional experiences
o!All consumer behavior is emotionally laden
!Retracing roots
!Aficionados and connoisseurship
Prequel: Perception (and Reality)
!Perception is a paramount of importance in marketing
!People feel how they perceive
!How and where consumer perceptions are formed?
!Consistency? Inconsistency?
!Trendy vs. Traditional
!Pleasure vs. Pain
!Work vs. Play
!Unbearable vs. enjoyable
!Information vs. Invasion
!Leader vs. Follower
!Freedom vs. status symbol vs. polluter
!Décor vs. souvenir vs. place of prayer
!Love vs. legacy vs. investment
Student Beer Consumption
!What is the difference between experts and novices in how they
perceive beer?
!Describe the Canadian beer industry and the marketing strategies
used to reach the Canadian beer market.
!Why are breweries against putting “best before” dates on their
!What kind of consumer protection do beer consumers have in
Canada and other countries? Why do you think countries use
different approaches?
Perception vs. Reality
!Popular beers didn’t seem to be so popular amongst the experts
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