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Lecture 3

ADM 3321 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Google Scholar, Serving Size, Microsoft Powerpoint

Course Code
ADM 3321
Michael Mulvey

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Lecture 3
Cultural Influences on Consumer Behaviour
!Find a newsworthy story in the press that reports a story of
relevance to CB
!Note the “Big Ideas” about human behaviour
!Identify some research ideas that relate to the topic
!Find 2-3 academic articles that offer deeper insight into the topic
(use Google Scholar or other database)
!Report your findings in a single PowerPoint slide (using the
template provided on Blackboard)
!Post your PPT slide file on BBL
What makes a story newsworthy?
!The characteristics of a newsworthy story include:
o!Timing: topics which are current, new (past 4 months)
o!Significance: the number of people affected
o!Proximity: stories that happen near us or in places that are
similar to where we live
!Prominence: famous people usually make big news
!Human interest: appeal to emotion, or are offbeat or interesting
Ex: Tim Horton’s supersizing coffee cups
!Package size names have meaning and impact consumer
perceptions of value.
Many consumption choices are habitual.
Insert Story Headline
!Big ideas
Learning Objectives
!Discuss culture in terms of its functions and dimensions of
!Explain the functions of myth
!Explore different types of ritual experiences
o!One thing happens then another thing happens
!Distinguish sacred consumption and profane consumption
What is the role of food in culture?
!Food is beyond survival, it’s a culture
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