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Lecture 9

ADM 3321 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Symbolic Interactionism, Body Image, Night Game

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ADM 3321
Michael Mulvey

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Lecture 8
The Self
The Prequel
How self-concept guides purchase decisions
When people go shopping they naturally say that’s me and that’s not me
Self Concept
!The attitude a person holds towards him/herself.
!We have attitudes towards everything in the world but we also flip
the mirror and look at the mirror and see how we perceive
!Brand mythology – buying the product initially, continue to buy the
product, and have enduring behaviour with the product
Trend – seen in many aspects
Social Comparison
!Its very easy for people to look at themselves and look at others
and compare themselves
!From social psychology
!Its very natural for human beings, look at themselves and look at
others and question
!Its so embedded in our culture that we don’t take time to to look at
it think about it and take some distance.
Female Bodybuilding
!Before and now
o!Very different
!Evolving concept of body image?
!Changing focus of self-concept?
!Dark side of bodybuilding
o!Steroids and HGH
o!Health issues (liver, heart)
o!Unrealistic expectations
!When you immerse yourself and get obsessed there’s negative side
to it
!Social responsibility – we have to look at what we’re doing, the
images putting out there
Components of Self-Concept
!Content (what)
o!People break their life down

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o!Strong views sometimes, other times tempered
!Valence (+ vs. -)
!Intensity (how strong)
!Stability over time
o!Generally stable but it can be volatile here and there
!Accuracy (Realistic?)
o!Sometimes yes, sometimes no
o!Are you really as bad as you’re judging yourself? Or as you as
o!Perceptual phenomena
!Some people suffer from low self-esteem
!We’re all social beings immersed in these social networks
!Actual self
o!We have a sense of who we are currently
o!A lot of our CB aligns with that, who you are right now
o!Current self – consistent with who we are
o!Look at yourself now
!We’re very good at fantasizing
!Ideal Self
o!Inside your mind there’s a working model of what you want to
o!What you want to become factors in CB
!!Maybe you want to transform yourself e.g. fashion
o!Trying to reach something different from the current self
o!Envision yourself for later
!Actual self " Ideal self
!The gap between the two is very imp
Imagining the Reactions of Others to Us
!Symbolic Interactionism
o!Stresses the importance of relationship with other people play
in forming the self
o!“Who do other people think I am?”
o!Self-fulfilling prophecy
!!You create a vision for yourself; e.g. I think I dress,
think and feel sexy.
!!You actually do feel that way
!!Putting yourself in the mind set
o!People project and also react to stimuli around them
o!How are others going to react to us when they look at us
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