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Lecture 8

ADM 3321 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Sales Process Engineering, Social Environment, Parachuting

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ADM 3321
Michael Mulvey

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Lecture 8
Motivation and Affect
Reason and emotion work together
!Left brain and right brain working together
Passion and Reason
!The idea of passion and reason go long back.
!The distinction between passion and reason is a very old one. In
moral philosophy it has often been contended that passion conflicts
with reason and that the latter should always have preference.
Plato's myth of the charioteer in the Phaedrus illustrates this idea.
The charioteer is the soul of man, while the two horses represent
reason and passion. Plato's preference for reason has dominated
Western culture for a long, long time.
!We often have these 2 forces when we make consumer choices
o!We love it, but we also have budget and have to be
!Using both halves of the brain
The Role of Anticipated Emotions
!Approach-avoidance theory suggests that we seek positive
outcomes and avoid negative outcomes.
!The anticipated emotional outcomes of consumption alternatives
shapes consumer behavior
!Consumption choices are shaped by what we want to feel and be
!There are many different types of emotions and all have different
People Aim to Achieve and to Avoid
Motivational Conflict
Decisions with conflict
!approach – approach
o!A choice between desirable alternatives
!approach – avoidance
o!A choice with desirable and undesirable outcomes
!!Hamburger vs. watching your weight
!avoidance – avoidance
o!A choice between undesirable alternatives

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!!Making choice between two evils
Same Decision: Different Drivers
Building Bridges of Personal Relevance
!Bridge between choices of product
!We could look at patterns across individuals and within individuals
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