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Lecture 7

ADM 3321 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Sensory Memory, Observational Learning, Reinforcement

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ADM 3321
Michael Mulvey

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Lecture 7
Learning and Memory
The Learning Process
Consumer Memory
!Consumer Memory
o!Behavioral Learning (Repetition & Associations)
"!Classical Conditioning
#! incidental learning
#! not trying to learn
#! indirect
#! involuntary
#!we build associations and it becomes associated
overtime with certain outcomes
#!its incidental and involuntarily
"!Instrumental Conditioning
#! goal-directed (operant)
#! shaped by anticipated rewards & punishments
#! outcomes reinforce response
#!its more purposeful – keeping the end in mind
#!operant conditioning
!Cognitive Learning
o! people as problem-solvers
o! deliberate
!Observational Learning
o!vicarious, watch others
o! note outcomes
o! model actions
Classical Conditioning at Work
!Molson USA “Twin Label Technology”
!In ads they lead us to “success” when they portray the product
!Molson ads – how do you create associations to help connect
people, not focused on the taste, its for social reasons
Instrumental Conditioning
!Behaviors = positive outcomes or negative outcomes
!Deliberate behavior to obtain a goal
!Positive reinforcement
!Negative reinforcement
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