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Matthew Archibald

Business is a combination of people + strategy + capital It starts with peoples, • how people feel • what people want to do • what makes people tick • how do people get along About the guest speaker: U of O 1978, Leader in 3 local industries, Currently CEO OSEG (developing Landswone) Ottawa Senator: Challenges: 1. No existing structure or history 2. Underfinanced 3. No time to operate…crisis management mode 4. Inexperienced – but enthusiastic- team 5. Intense public scrutiny KOTT group: Challenges: 1. Owner wanted to split chair and ceo Leadership skills: • Gets results • Communicates a plan • Reaches for more • Energizes others • Uses good judgment • Lives company values Management skills • Planning • Organizing • Staffing • Directing • Controlling • Safety awareness Leaders communicate a plan • Set clear direction for the team • Set the purpose • Define expectations • Be creative in getting the message across Leaders reach for more • Want to constantly improve • Raise the bar all the time • Set a tone of wanting more Leaders energize others • Motivate • Teach • Create a winning atmosphere • Have fun Leaders use good judgment • Manage the grey areas • Make consistent decisions • Use the plan as your guide Leaders live the company values • Respect • Winning with integrity • Honour Tips for new leaders:  Be real  Know what you stand for  Do not create a
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