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Matthew Archibald

The Case Method a rational, logical, decision making process Thursday: Black Cherry Case Every day there will be decisions to be made. This method can be used in everyday life, there are decisions to be made every day. here we will just put it in a business context. Every day you see a case there is a problem. We are a consultant here to solve business cases to actual business problems. generally you have 2 weeks to create a case report. what is a case?  a real life business problem (hypothetical in this course, in the future real-life).  apply theoretical concepts to an actual situation - applies theories learned in class to an actual situation.  develop decision-making skills from day one. it's all about finding the best alternative and why. why are all the other alternatives not good enough. case format  title page o name(s) o course code o TA name o prof's name o date o title of case o make it look professional  table of contents is NOT required, can put it in if you want  executive summary (5 marks) o you are a consultant for the company in the case. o not a summary of the case itself, but a summary of what is to come in your case study report, summary of the 15-20 page case report o to, from, date, subject - not who the case is being submitted to, but to the person who is in the case, the person/company etc requestiong the case, ie the sr manager or CEO of the company in the case. you are the consultant from XYZ consultant submitting the case etc. o critical assumptions - will be gone through in great detail, but you will have a problem (only the main problem will appear in the executive summary).  required as there is incomplete information  must be relevant, reinforced with facts that are in the case. o problem o alternatives - alternatives you considered o facts considered o recommendation o one page in length (single spaced, on it's own page) the rest of the case will be double spaced, but the exec summary will be single spaced, and in the real world you will never submit anything double spaced o why do we have exec summary? manager might not have time to look through the 15-20 page doc. so they can just look at the one page summary to see what is going on, so they can then look at the details if they need to. o when do you think you should do the exec summary? this should be completed last, because you are summarizing what you have written in your report.  case format - case will have headings, subheadings, bullets etc o critical assumptions - (5 marks)  required as there is incomplete information (info that you can't find)  must be relevant, reinforced with facts that are in the case.  based on the facts that are in the case, you will have to make assumptions that will help you. must be reinforced with facts that are in the case. 1. ie this is a med-large size company because they have 550 thousand dollars in revenue. this is critical because if you say that the company is 550 k in revenue, , this might be critical because then you say why does he travel so much when he has 100 employess and does he have to do that? the facts are that he travels and he has 550k revenue, and you are assuming that it is a med siz company and he has x employees, so chances are then that you don't have to travel as much as you are doing in the case. 2. you do not want to assume the case away. 3-5 assumptions on a 2 page case is enough because otherwise you are assuming the case away (making your own case) o Problem Statements (20 marks)  satellite problems (5) - secondary problems that are a result of the central problem / central problem (10) - main problem - the single most important thing to come up with when creating your case study because everything else stems from that. 1. often times the secondary problems are presented in the case. 2. the main problem is not going to be impossible to find, this is not a trick, it should generally be obvious. what oftentimes students have difficult with is that they will give more than one main problem (bad) or they look at what other teams are doing and their wording is not exactly the same as yours and then you change the wording and then chase the case around or don't and then bad things happen 3. what you are looking for is a theme, ie work-lif, social responsibility, accounting standards, organizational structure - same as theme of the class 4. not so important as to which comes first (central or satellite)  implications on the org (5 marks - does not mean you have to come up with 5 total, it is just how many marks you can get)  implications on the personnel 1. what is going to happen to the org or the personnel if this problem continues / is not solved 2. ie org: if a prob contineus the org might suffer lower profits / might continue to decrease etc. / higher costs 3. ie personnel: (the ppl involved in the case) you look at it from the org perspective and from the s
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