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Matthew Archibald

Types of relationships: partnerships and contractual agreements  PARTNERSHIPS - A partnership is affiliations of two or more companies that help each other achieve common goals.  Contractual Agreements - Licensing is a means of establishing a foothold in foreign markets without large capital outlays. Patent rights, trademark rights, and the rights to use technological processes are granted in foreign licensing. - Franchising: a form of licensing in which the franchisor provides a standard package of products, systems, and management services, and the franchisee provides market knowledge, capital, and personal involvement in management. Contract manufacturing arrangements enable entry into markets where local production is necessary (e.g., due to high shipping costs or import tariffs) or when there is a need to contain sales prices by accessing cheaper labour. Other forms of contractual agreements: - Management contracts - Turnkey projects International Alliance: a business relationship established by two or more companies to cooperate out of mutual need and to share risk in achieving a common objective International Joint Ventures: a partnership of two or more companies that join forces to create a separate legal entity. International Consortia: involve a larger number of participants than IJVs and represent a partnership formed to work on a specific project. Strategic (international) Alliances: These kinds of alliances imply that there is a common objective; that reaching the objective alone would be too costly, take too much time, or be too risky; and that one partner’s weakness is offset by the other’s strength. Public-Private Sector Partnerships: a relative new phenomenon which sees private sector firms (expertise and investment capital) enter into arrangements with not for profit and/or governmental institutions to achieve what is traditional viewed as public goods and development goals.  Some issues and Challenges: the workforce; the managers/leaders Today’s business workforce:  Reliable workers dedicated to promoting strong ties with customers and partners  Capable of efficient, high-quality production  Able to compete in global markets  Technically savvy and innovative  Aging and growing populations in the “North”  Shrinking labour markets and pools  Many baby boomers are hitting the peak of their careers, while Generations X and Y (next and Flux) are attempting to launch their careers  More generations mixing in the workplace than ever before  Technology has intensified the hiring challenge by requiring workers to have ever-more advanced and complex skills  Increasingly diverse  Two-thirds of Canada’s population growth is due to international immigration  Legislative imperatives  Heterogeneity (employees with individuals of different genders, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, religions, ages, and physical and mental abilities) can be more “effective”  DiversityInc’s top 50 companies st The 21 -century manager  Vision  Critical thinking and creativity  Ability to lead change Vision and intuition  Vision is the ability to perceive marketplace needs and what an organization must do to satisfy them  Intuition is that “Gut feeling” based on solid experience  Today’s companies look for managers who are intelligent highly motivated people with the ability to create and sustain a vision for the organization.  Critical thinking is the ability to analyze and assess information to pinpoint problems or opportunities  Creativity is the capacity to develop novel solutions to perceived organizational problems Ability to lead change  Guide employees and organizations through “Change”  Managers must be comfortable with tough decisions in fluctuating conditions  Factors that require organizational change can come from external and internal sources. What does successful business look like? Most admired companies: Getting On the List  So
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