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Matthew Archibald

ADM 1300 B Oct 29 , 2013 YUJIE YI #7038840 Chapter 8 Human Resource Management  Managing the most important asset – people Yahoo CEO: abolish the work-from-home policy  Work at office: productivity, innovation, employee morale  Work at home: flexibility, cost-saving, questions around level of the accountability (difficult to measure) HRM Goals 1. Getting the right people 2. Maximizing their effectiveness 3. Satisfy employee needs The HRM Process  Planning for Needs – demand forecasts, supply forecasts, outsourcing (outsource other companies to do it for you)  Pre-Selection – job analysis  Job description: what job you are going to perform 1 11  Job specifications: what the skills you need to perform the job  Recruitment  Selection  Training and Development  Employee PerformanceAppraisal  Employee Compensation  How much you are going to be paid  Health benefits, bonuses, vacation time/ pay, employee discounts, …  Have you ever rejected a candidate because of what you saw about them on a social networking site? - 69% managers said YES, because the candidates:  Lie about their qualifications (13%)  Posted inappropriate photos/ comments (11%)  Posted negative comments about a previous employer (11%)  Demonstrated poor communication skills (11%) - Be careful about using social networking sites! th ADM 1300 B Oct 29 , 2013 YUJIE YI #7038840 Recruitment - Social media, word of mouth, professional search firms (get money from the company that hires you), TV/ newspapers, taking advantage from unfortunate situation (employees flow from BlackBerry to Google), …  Ways of recruitment: - Word of Mouth - College and University - Ads/ Internet (Social media) - Professional - Internal What do Employers Want Today? - Experience, communication skills, good people skills, being able to interact with people, innovation, creativity, adaptability, loyalty, motivated people, relevance skills, potential quick learner, educated, …  Communication Skills - Ability to understand and to speak - Ability to listen and learn 3 /11 - Ability to read and to write  Thinking Skills - Decision making skills  PositiveAttitude  Self Confidence (but not arrogance)  Sense of Responsibility - Ability to plan and manage time, money, and other resources  Ability toAdapt to Changes (flexible)  Teamwork Skills Hiring Gen Y Selection Process  Screening job applicants to ensure proper candidate is hired  First Contact (walk in; mail in)  Application Form (résumé, answer questions) ADM 1300 B Oct 29 , 2013 YUJIE YI #7038840  Interview (phone, person, individually, group, multiple people on the same day)  References (last 3 jobs)  Tests (personality tests)  Physical Exam (firefighter, …)  Employment Resume - Personal Cover Letter  Make sure the job is exact what you are applying for - Typed - 1-2 Pages Maximum - Action Verbs Nine Most OftenAsked Interview Questions 1. Tell us about yourself 2. Why do you want to work with us?  5 11 3. What are your strengths?  Strong communication/ teamwork/ financial literacy skills 4. What are your weaknesses?  Avoid your weakness which is exactly what the job needs  Focus on what you can do to improve your weakness 5. What are your two greatest accomplishments? Why? 6. What is your biggest disappointment? Why?
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