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Sadiq Abbas

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1370Q Module 1 Unit 1: Social Computing for People & Organizations (notes) Word of Mouth goes World of Mouth  Word of mouth most effective form of marketing o But info can be slow to spread & info can be altered  World of mouth: Social media ie. Facebook, Twitter where news is instantaneous, up-to-date, and from the original source  In maslows hierarchy of needs: acceptance (after survival and security), we are social animals o As humans, we struggle between the desire to have privacy and to gain acceptance by others (we sacrifice privacy for information)  Social media can help you save time, by having useful information at your disposal (save time on research, gives you good ideas)  Social Media increases globalization by allowed people to stay in touch internationally  Search engines feel competition from social media which provides info to individuals o Search engines (ex. Google) are making a shift in their structure and trying to incorporate social media in their services offered (ex. G- mail, Google+) o They allow users to comment on search results  People don’t have to search for news, it comes to them (Youtube, Facebook newsfeeds)  Seeing information online lead to a quicker establishment of relationships o it eliminates small introductory talk and lead right into more in-depth questions  Macroshift and loss of power for newspaper and magazines o 2009 known as the year the traditional newpaper died o many magazines and newspapers (ex. PC Magazine) moved their operations online o Newspapers no longer report news, because we get the news from social media, but it comments and interprets the news in a social context  Newspapers used to have complete control because they managed distribution (one or two owners who employed specific editors and writer and provided info to millions of consumers) o Working at a newspaper doesn’t have the appeal it once did (and doesn’t look as good on a CV as it used to)  Microblogs/ micro-blogging tools: ex. Twitter, instantaneous, by the minute news provided in little detail. Facts, events or opinions can be known world- wide as they are happening o Microblog posts break a l
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