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Lecture 8

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University of Ottawa
Gurprit Kindra

Labelling a. Informational labelling (e.g, Nutrition info, ingredients, best before…, may contain…) —> Designed to help the consumer make proper product selections: brand, ingredients, made in, directions for use, safety precautions etc. b. Persuasive labelling (e.g, winner of trust brand award…) —> Focuses on a promotional theme or logo and consumer information is secondary e.g, The number of product lines offered by a firm is known as its _______________. A) product breadth B) product assortment C) product depth D) product mix e.g, The relationship between a product or service’s benefits and its costs is known as _______________. A) brand association B) quality perception C) perceived value D) brand awareness e.g, Brand extension can be successful, but it can also dilute brand equity. All of the following EXCEPT are considerations that marketers should be aware of and try to avoid: A) the brand name should be extended to as many products as possible. B) Firms should consider whether or not the brand extension can also be distanced from the core brand. C) There should be a fit between the product class of the core brand and the extension. D)Consumer perceptions between the core brand and the extension should be similar. e.g, Brands that are owned and managed by retailers are called …brands. A) public-label B) generic C) private-label D) corporate Chapter 10 Services: The Intangible Product The service-product continuum (Most offerings lie somewhere in the middle)———————————————————————————> Economic importance of service————> Services marketing differs from product marketing: a. intangible = Cannot be touched, tasted or seen —> Requires using cues to aid customers —> Symbols and images are used to convey and promote benefits or values b. Inseparable = Production & consumption are simultaneous —> Little opportunity to test a service before use —> Lower risk by o
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