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ADM2320C Chapter 6 Consumer Behaviour

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Ajax Persaud

ADM2320C Chapter 6Consumer BehaviourSeptember2911 100 PM Consumer behaviourUse principles and theories from sociology anthropology and psychology y Understand consumer actions y Develop basic strategies to deal with those actions y Understand why people buy products or servicesy The Consumer Decisions Process 1 Step 1 Need Recognition a Need recognition i Functional needs needs that pertain to the performance of a product or service ii Psychological needs needs that pertain to the personal gratification consumers associate with a product andor service 2 Step 2 Research for Information a Internal search for information the buyer examines his or her own memory and knowledge about the product or service gathered through past experiences b External search for information the buyer seeks information outside his or her personal knowledge base to help make the buying decision c Factors Affecting Consumers Search Processes i The perceived benefits vs cost of search is it worth the time and effort to search for information about a productservice ii The locus of control 1 Internal locus of control consumers who believe they have some control over the outcom
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