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Lecture 2

ADM2336 Lecture 2: Lecture 2-ADM2336

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University of Ottawa
Joanne Leck

Lecture 2 Organizational Behaviour Job Performance Definition: The set of employe behaviours that contribute, either positively or negatively, to organizational goal accomplishment. “What does it mean to be a good performer?” Task Performance What is Task Performance? Employee behaviours that are directly involved int he transformation of organizational resources into the goods or services that the organization produces. Types of Tasks Routine task performance - Task demands are routine and predictable Adaptive task performance - Task demands are novel and unpredictable Creative task performance - Ideas/Outcomes are both novel and useful Tasks are easily found in a Job Description because they are easy to explain to employee and give him/her an idea of the job. National Occupational Classification - Nationally accepted reference to occupations in Canada. It organizes over 30,000 job titles into 520 job descriptions. Citizenship Behaviour Citizenship Behaviour - Voluntary employee activities that may or may not be rewarded but that contribute to the organization by improving the overall quality of the setting in which work takes place. “Types of Citizenship Behaviour” Interpersonal Citizenship Behaviours How one individual will help another individual - Helping involves assisting coworkers who have heavy workloads, etc. - Courtesy refers to keeping coworkers informed about matter that are relevant to them - Sportsmanship involves maintaining a good attitude with coworkers, even when they’ve done something annoying Organizational Citizenship Behaviours How one individual will help the organization as a whole - Voice involves speaking up and offering constructive suggestions for change - Civic virtue requires participating in the company’s operations at a deeper-than-normal level - Boosterism means representing the organization in a positive way when out in public Counterproductive Behaviours Counterproductive Behaviours - Employee behaviours that intentionally hinder organizational goal accomp
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