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Lecture 11

ADM2336 Lecture 11: Lecture 11-ADM2336

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Joanne Leck

Chapter 8 - Lecture 11 Organizational Behaviour Knowledge Explicit- knowledge that is easily communicated Tacit- knowledge that is learned through experience Which is more important? - Up to 90% of the knowledge contained i organizations occurs in tacit form. Characteristics of Explicit and Tacit Knowledge Operant Conditioning - We learn by observing the link between our voluntary behaviour and the consequences that follow it Contingencies of Reinforcement - Used to increase desired behaviours: 1. Positive Reinforcement- a positive outcome follows a desired behaviour 2. Negative Reinforcement- an unwanted outcome is removed following a desired behaviour 3. Punishment- an unwanted outcome follows an unwanted behaviour 4. Extinction- the removal of a positive consequence following an unwanted behaviour Schedules of Reinforcement Continuous Reinforcement- a specific consequence follows each and every occurrence of a desired behaviour Fixed Ratio Schedules- after a certain number of desired behaviours Variable Ratio Schedules- after a varying number of desired behaviours Fixed Interval Schedule- a specific consequence occurs after a fixed certain amount of time Variable Interval Schedule- at random points in time “Can you match the schedule with the reinforcement?” Decision Making Rational Decision Making vs. Bounded Rationality Mistakes We Make - Faulty attributions - Faulty perceptions - Escalation of commitment Attribution Theory - How we explain the actions and events that occur around us - When people witness a behaviour, they make a judgement about whether it was internally or externally caused John and Jane are both late for work… why? - John has arrived for work late before, his co-workers arrived on time and he arrives late for other commitments as well. - Jane has never come to work late before, her co-workers arrived late as well, and she is never late for other commitments. We
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