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Lecture 6

ADM2336 Lecture 6: Lecture 6-ADM2336

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Joanne Leck

Lecture 6- Stress Organizational Behaviour Stress Stress is defined as a psychological response to demands (ie. Stressors) that exceed a person’s capacity or resources resulting in negative consequences (ie. Strains) Transactional Theory of Stress Types of Stressors Hindrance Stressors- stressful demands that are perceived as hindering progress toward personal accomplishments or goal attainment - Anger, anxiety Challenge Stressors- stressful demands that are perceived as opportunities for learning, growth, and achievement - Pride, enthusiasm Work Hindrance Stressors Role Conflict- conflicting expectations that other people may have of us Role Ambiguity- lack of informational regarding what needs to be done in a role Role Overload- number of demanding roles is so high that one cannot perform some or all very effectively Daily Hassles- minor day-to-day demands that get in the way Work Challenge Stressors Time Pressure- perception that the amount of time you have is just not quite enough Work Complexity- the degree to which the requirements of the work exceeds one’s capabilities Work Responsibility- the obligations that a person has to others Non-work Hindrance Stressors Work-Family Conflict- a type of role conflict where the demands of a work role hinders the demands in a family role (or vice versa) Negative Life Events- eg. divorce, death, or a family members Financial Uncertainty- uncertainties with regard to the loss of livelihood Non-Work Challenge Stressors Family Time Demands- time that a personal commits ot participate in an array of family activities and responsibilities Personal Development- Ex. Formal education programs Positiv
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