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ADM 2336 class note

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ADM 2336CFall 2012 Chapter 1Organizational behavior and management What are organizations Social inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effort What are the three important elements of this definition Social intervention Early prescriptions concerning The Human Relations Movement Advocated more peopleoriented and participative styles of management that catered more to the social and psychological needs employees The movement called forMore flexible systems of management The design of more interesting job Open communicationEmployee participation in decision making Less right more decentralized forms of control The classical view The classical vies advocated a high degree of specialization of labour and coordination and centralized decision making Attempt to prescribe thecorrect way to manage an organization and achieve its goal Classical view and bureaucracy Human relation viewContemporary managementthe contingency approach The general answer to many of the problem in organization is it dependsDependencies are called contingencies The contingency approach to management recognize that there is on one best way style depends on the demand s of situation Summary of managerial activities See the bookWhat managers do The field Some contemporary managementFive issues with orgnaniztions and managers are currently concerned Diversity local and global Employeeorganization relationshipsA focus on quality speed and flexibility Talent management Corportate social responsibility CSRTalent managemetn Talent management refer to an organzations process for attrcationg developingretaining and utilizing people with required skill to meet current and future business needsTwo most important management challenges Recrument of highquality people Improving the appeal of the company culture and work environment Organization behaviour can help companies improve their recuitment and retention and become an employee of choice It provides the means for organizations to be designed and managed in ways that optimize telent attraction development retention and performanceManagement practices of the best companies to work for Canada Flexible work schedules Stockoption profitsharing and bonuesTraining and develpoment programsCareer development programsWellness and stress reduction program Employee recognition and reward programCorporate social responsibility CSR refers to an organization taking responsibility for the impact of its decisions and actions on its stakeholder It extends beyond the intersts of shareholders to the interests and need of employees and community in which its operate Chapter 2Personality and learning Personality and organizational behaviourPersonality has a long history in organizational behaviour The role of personality in organzatioal behaviout has often beed debated in what is known as personsituation debateThis has led to three approachesThe dispositional approachthe posses of stable traists or chareateristics influence peoples attitude and bahviour The situational approach work environmen influnece peoples bahviours feeling and attitude such as reward punishment The interaction approach both dispositional and situation it is waidely used it means to know the oraganizational beahviour we need to know the individual personality and what kind of setting he or she work in Personality is realative stable a set of psychologiacal charateristic Personality and the situationRole of personality in different situationsSituations can be described as being either weak orstrongIn weak situations roles are loosely defined there are few rules and weak reinforcement and punishment contingenciesPersonlity has the strongest effect in weak situations
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