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ADM2336 - Ch13 Conflict and stress

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University of Ottawa
Catherine Elliott

Questions on McWane Co 1 Corporate culture of the organization a How would you describe it b What makes it particularly toxic 2 What are the sources of power Why are they being abused 3 What kind of leadership is in place How does this relate to Machiavellian theory 4 What are the ethical problems in this case What are the causes of the unethical problems 5 How would you describe McWanes culture before the program aired What culture was the new McWane trying to establish What happened to the whistle blower in this case 6 Do you believe that McWane has really changed Why or not1 Corporate culture of the organization a Describe it more interested in production than the safety of employees the McWane Way the employees are fearful of their lives and the management doesnt help when they even acknowledge the injuries people are just a number work 16 hours and can only leave when told safety of employees ignored b What makes it particularly toxic the safety issues lack of attention to any basic safety measures continued toxic environment because they didnt get caught 2 Power a What are the sources of power desperation coercive power power derived from the use of punishment and threat high pay b Why are they being abused Increase productivity lower costs stay competitive with Asian and Latin American countries The McWane Way everyone ignore what is ethical unless people find out what is wrong dont say anything dont tell authorities employees obey authority and will do anything for a job What is conflictInterpersonal conflict is a process that occurs when one person group or organizational subunit frustrates the goal attainment of anotherConflict often involves antagonistic attitudes and behavioursIs conflict ever positive Causes of Organizational ConflictGroup identification and intergroup biasInterdependenceDifferences in power status and cultureAmbiguityScarce resources Types of conflictRelationship conflictinterpersonal tensions due to their relationshipTask conflictdisagreements about the actual task to be doneProcess conflictdisagreement about the process who does what Somesigns of conflict Winning becomes importantInfo is concealed or distortedEach side becomes more cohesiveContact with the opposite party is discourages
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