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ADM2336 - Chapter 3 Perception, Attribution, and Diversity

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Magda Donia

ADM2336AChapter 3 Perception Attribution and Diversity September1511 1000 AM Which of the following statements most accurately defines perception Perception is the process of interpreting messages of our senses to provide meaning yWhy is perception important People base their actions on the interpretation of reality that their perpetual system providesy Perception has three components A perceiver y A target that is being perceived y The situation y Factors affecting the PerceiverPast experiences lead the perceiver to develop expectations that affect current perceptionsyNeeds unconsciously influence perceptions by causing us to perceive what we wish to perceiveyEmotions such as anger happiness can influence perceptiony Factors affecting the targetAmbiguous targets are especially susceptible to the interpretation and the addition of meaningyPerceivers have a need to resolve ambiguitiesyThe perceiver does not or cannot use all the information provided by the targety The SituationThe most important effect that the situation can have is to add information about the targetyThe perception of the target can change with the situation even when the receiver and perceiver yremain the same Bruners Model of the Perceptual ProcessWhen the perceiver encounters an unfamiliar target the perceiver is very open to the yinformational cues in the target and the situationThe perceiver will actively seek out cues to resolve ambiguityyAs the perceiver encounters some familiar cues a crude categorization of the target is made yThe search for cues then becomes less open and more selectiveyThe perceiver will search for cues that confirm the categorization of the targetyAs the categorization becomes stronger the perceiver will ignore or even distort cues that violate yinitial perceptionsBasic Biases in Person Perception 1 Primacy and Recency Effects o The reliance on early cues or first impressions is known as the primary effectoften has a lasting impact o The tendency for a perceiver to rely on recent cues or last impressions is know as the recency effect
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