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ADM2336 - Chapter 6 Motivation in Practice

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University of Ottawa
Magda Donia

ADM2336AChapter 6 Motivation in Practice October0311 830 AM Motivation in Practiceas a motivators Motivation through job design Money as a motivatorWhat do the need theories say y o ERG is similar to Maslows theories o This is why we have a minimum wageWhat do the process theories sayyo Pay would be a motivator if it had a higher valence What does the research say y o Money does work as a motivator Potential problems with wage incentivesWage incentives can increase productivity at the expense of qualityyA threat to the establishment of wage incentives exists when workers have differential yopportunities to produce at a high level Wage incentives that reward individual productivity might decrease cooperation among workers yThe way jobs are designed can make it very difficult to install wage incentivesy Job design as a motivatorThe goal of job design is to identify the characteristics that make the tasks more motivating that yothers and to captures these characteristics in the design of jobsAn attempt to capitalize on intrinsic motivation y The job characteristics model exhibit 65
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