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ADM2336 - Chapter 7 Groups and Teamwork

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University of Ottawa
Magda Donia

ADM2336AChapter 7 Groups and Teamwork October1711 830 AM What is a group A group consists of two or more people interacting interdependently to achieve a common goal y Formal work groupsare established by organizations to facilitate the achievement of yorganizational goalsInformal work groupsemerge naturallyy Stages of Group DevelopmentForming Group members try to orient themselves by testing the watersy o The situation is often ambiguous and members are aware of their dependency on each otherStorming Conflict often emerges at this stage yo Confrontation and criticism occur as members determine whether they will go along with the way the group is developingNorming members resolve the issues that provoked the storming and they develop social yconsensuso Norms are agreed on and the group becomes more cohesivePerforming The group devotes its energies toward task accomplishmenty o Achievement creativity and mutual assistance are prominent themes at this stageAdjourning rites and rituals that affirm the groups previous successful development are commony o Members often exhibit emotional support for each other The punctuated equilibrium model of group development for two groupsFirst meeting and midpoint are importantPhase 1 begins with the first meeting which is critical in setting the agenda for what will happen yin the remainder of the phaseMidpoint transition marks a change in the groups approachy o How the group manages it is critical for the group to show progressPhase 2Decisions and approaches adopted at the midpoint get played out in phase 2y o It concludes with a final meeting that reveals a burst of activity and a concern for how outsides will evaluate the productGroup size Satisfactiono Larger groupsconsistently report less satisfaction than those in smaller groupso Why Chance to work on and develop friendships decrease as size increasesy Performance Depends on the task and on how we define good performanceyTypes of tasks y o Additive tasks
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