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Lecture 6

ADM2337 Lecture 6: ADM2337 Lecture Notes 6

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University of Ottawa
Gebrekiduce Mekonnen

ADM2337 Lecture Notes Chapter 6: Employee Selection February, 3 - HR should be objective - Selection entails finding the right candidate for the position Intro - Selecting the best and brightest lays a good foundation for your org.’s excellence - Can cost $20,000 for intermediate and $100,000 for management if not done properly Overview of the Selection Process - Selection: the process of choosing indi.s who have relevant qualifications to fill existing/projected jobs Job Anal. -Job specifications help id the knowledge, skills, abilities and others (KSAO) that lead to superior performance - Managers use interviews, references, and pre-employment tests - Research shows that applicants whose KSAO match, perform better - Employers may higher applicants who match the values and culture of the org. The Selection Process - Steps vary in each org. - The info you obtained about applicants should be reliable and valid in a legal manner, respecting privacy - Reliability: the degree to which interviews, tests etc. yield comparable data over time. Also if 2 or more methods can be used to get the same results - Validity: the degree to which a test or selection process measures a
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