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Lecture 12

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Chapter 15 Fair Treatment The foundation of effective employee relationsStrategic Importance of Effective Employee RelationsFor competitive advantage employees must be motivated and engaged in pursuing organizational goalsEnsure employees are treated ethically fairly and legallyFairness TerminologyoDistributive JusticeSatisfied with the outcomes Judging the outcome of a decision as fair For example an employee is satisfied with their raise and believes that it is fair The satisfaction with a raise can vary depending on the procedural and interaction justice that an employee perceivesFor example in the case of a downsizing no employees are aware beforehand and are just called into a room together and all let go at once and told they have an hour to pack everything up before being escorted outin another scenario employees are being told at the beginning that downsizing will be occurring and are kept up to date at all steps and then let go and given a reason as well as help for future support etcThe second one would be considered fairer by a person in that situation because they have been aware and have had time to consider potential outcomes whereas in the first situation it is a surprise to all employees It would be considered more fair both procedurally and in the case of interactional justiceoProcedural JusticeFairness of the procedure that is used to get to the outcome For example the performance appraisal used to determine what outcome to reachoInteractional JusticeThe treatment of employees How the employee is treated and rates the fairness of their treatmentsoAll of the abovethree lead to employee engagementOutcomes of EngagementEmployees highest productivityBest ideasGenuine commitment to the success of the organization
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