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Catherine Elliott

ADM2337Chapter 7 SelectionThe process of choosing among individuals who have been recruited to fill existing or projected job openingsImportant because o Quality of human resources determines organizational performance o High cost of inappropriate selection decisions o Significant legal implicationsTypical Steps in the Selection Process Step 1 Preliminary Applicant Screening Initial applicant screening is performed by HR review application forms and rsumesCandidates not meeting essential selection criteria are eliminated firstCandidates who most closely match the remaining job specifications are given further considerationUse of technologyIncreasingly popular to improve the initial screening process Step 2Selection TrainingAssess specfic jobrelated skills general intelligence personality characteristics mental abilities interests and preferencesProvide efficient standardizes procedures for screening large numbers of applicantsOnly useful if they are reliable and valid Reliability and Validity Reliability The degree to which interviews tests and other selection procedures yield comparable data over time In other words the degree of dependability consistency or stability of the measures used ValidityThe accurary with which a predictor measures what it is intended to measureTypes of Validity Differential ValidityThe selection tool acurately predicts the performance of all possible employee subgroups including white males women visible minorities persons with disabilities and Aboriginal peopleCriterionRelated Validity
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