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Mirou Jaana

Chapter 8 – Helping Organizations Access, Share and Use Information • Turning Information Into Knowledge Collaboration Collaboration Systems • Case Study Dreamworks’ Animation Collaboration Turning Information into Knowledge Teams, Partnerships and Alliances • Organizations create and use teams, partnerships, and alliances to: o Undertake new initiatives o Address both minor and major problems o Capitalize on significant opportunities • These can be created both internally with employees and externally with other organizations  Collaboration Collaboration • Collaboration system: An IT-based set of tools that supports the work of teams by facilitating the sharing and flow of information • Collaboration solves specific business tasks such as telecommuting, online meetings, deploying applications, and remote project and sales management • Collaboration system – supports the work of teams by facilitating the sharing and flow of information Content Management System • Content management system (CMS) – provides tools to manage the creation, storage, editing, and publication of information in a collaborative environment • CMS marketplace includes: Document management system (DMS) Digital asset management system (DAM) Web content management system (WCM) Workflow Management Systems • Work activities can be performed in series or in parallel and involve people and automated computer systems • Workflow – defines all the steps or business rules, from beginning to end, required for a business process • Workflow management system – facilitates the automation and management of business processes and controls the movement of work through the business process • Messagi
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