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What has DOHA achieved since 2001 until 2008Through the many years DOHA has been implemented there have been numerous discussions that have furthered the development stalled and even revived the working progress of DOHA Although the first round of negotiations occurred in Doha the largest city in Qatar there have been many alternative locations where negotiations have occurred such as Cancun Geneva Paris Hong Kong and Potsdam Regardless of the where the rounds of negotiations occur the main topic always arises which is promoting a multilateral trading system that would help in the elimination of trade barriers for developing countries 1This article states the routes DOHA plans on taking to reach its goals by improving market access to Northern markets for developing countries by reducing import tariffs that prevent increase prices and distort competitiveness and Phasing out domestic and export subsidies that enable the overproduction of goods at very low prices often leading to the dumping of these goods at prices that are cheaper than those of locally produced goods During the round of negotiations that occurred in Doha 2001 an agreement to allow trade restrictions to become fairer on developing thcountries was discussed to all the attending countries On November 14 2001 the meeting was concluded as a success according to the ministers from the World Trade Organization and had even constructed an action plan that they referred to as broad and balanced which discusses all the issues they plan to resolve in the future 2A statement from Mike Moore DirectorGeneral of the World Trade Organization from 19992002 acclaimed that I have been impressed by the readiness which so many ministers have shown to understand and accommodate the needs of others and by the strength of the common determination to make the conference a success The following round of negotiations had occurred in 2003 at Cancun Mexico With the last meeting at Doha Qatar ending with a positive note the ministers from the World Trade Organization were sure to create a multinational platform to reduce and eliminate trade barriers
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