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ANT 1101 Lecture Notes - Human Events, Cloud Computing, Crowdsourcing

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ANT 1101
Natalie Ward

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Cyborg Anthropology: We are all Cyborgs now?
Cyborg Anthropology
- Is a framework for understanding the effects of objects and technology on
humans and culture
- Takes the view that most of modern human life is a product of both human
and non-human object
The Mental Cyborg: Digital Memory & Digital Identity
- Digital prosthetic memory
- Physical, prosthetic forms of memory
- Cloud computing
- Technology becomes an extension of ourselves
Performative Identities
- One is what one does. Action does not represent an identity; instead; it
created it
Our identities online are performed through:
- Avatars
- Profile pictures
- Short self-descriptions etc.
Is Google making us Stupid?
- Intellectual technologies the tools that extend our mental rather than our
physical capacities we inevitably begin to take on the qualities of those
- Mechanical clock
o Disassociated time from human events
The Digital & Human Relationships
- “Ambient awareness” It is very much like being physically near someone and
picking up on their mood through the little things they do body language,
sighs, stray comments out of the corner of your eye
- “Co-presence” – being apart, but connected through digital media by
repeated texts, messages, etc.
Cell Phones
- Technosocial: the concept that all technology is social in its manifestation
- State-phoning: the caller is effectively performing for innocent bystanders
- Approximeeting: arranging to meet someone without making firm plans
about time or place, and then finalizing details via mobile phone while out
and about
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