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Natalie Ward

Ethnography - A descriptive account of social life and culture in a particular social system based on detailed observations of what people actually do - Also a written document produced by an anthropologists from their ethnographic research - Ethnographers pay attention to hundreds of little details in daily life. Seasonal events and unusual happenings. They must observe collective and individual behaviour in a variety of settings - To attempt to grasp the natives point of view, their relation to life and to realize their vision of their world Example: warfare patterns in a particular tribe Emic – insider: culture members talk about the history of their conflict with the neighboring groups and the treachery of certain groups Etic – Outsider: the anthropologists may see the frequent warfare as a consequence of overpopulation and protein deficiency which warfare acts to remedy by redistributing the population How do you do Ethnography? Pidgin - Contact language that blends two languages - Usually used for economic trade and basic tasks Participant Observation - Involves participating in peoples daily lives for an extended period of time, watching what happens, listening to what is said, as
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