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University of Ottawa
Natalie Ward

Gender & Identity Classification – is a kind of lay theory whereby the infinite complexity of the experienced world is reduced to a finite number of categories. (Categories are cultural constructs) Social Construction - Key concept in anthropology and sociology - Developed, maintained, and changed by social beings - Social constructions matter because they’re collectively held beliefs - Social constructions do change - Groups may actively try to renegotiate meanings - Social constructs have real consequences and effects Creating Others - Othering typically involves value judgments about aspects of identity - Positive Identity: good characteristics – the ones we have - Negative Identity: bad characteristics – the ones they have, that we differ from Identity - Self-concept the totality of a person’s thoughts and feelings in reference to oneself as an object - Identity is that part of the self by which we are known to others Learned: - Consciously (name, family) - Unconsciously (beliefs, behaviour) - Individual Identity – Pertains to one person - Social Identity – Membership in groups Personhood – how a ‘person’ is defined in a particular culture Egocentric – persons are independent actors, responsible for themselves, with inherent personal characteristics that are relatively permanent as they pass through various roles in life (laziness, honesty, optimism, etc.) Sociocentric – persons are
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