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Natalie Ward

Language and Communication Language Symbolic System - Learned - Shared - Culturally Transmitted - Symbols can be combined to create other meaningful combinations - A symbol is one type of sign: something that refers to (stands for, indicates, means) something else. Phonological (sound) Patterning: a small number of distinguishable units of sound (/k/, /a/, /t/, etc.) which are meaningless and how those units of sound may be combined into longer, composite sounds /k/ /a/ /t/ is distinguishable from /t/ /a/ /k/; producing a very large number of possible composite sounds that speakers of the language can identify Morphological (meaning) Patterning: the identifiable, distinguishable units of meaning: “dog”, “car”, “-s” for plural, etc. Listening Making meaning from sound Filters: culture, language, values, beliefs, attitudes, expectation, intentions Phonology: is the study of speech sounds Phonetics: description and study of human speech sounds in general, across all languages Phonemics: describes how speakers of a given language categorize the range of possible speech sounds into significant types (phonemes) Phonemes: the smallest significant units of sound in a given language Minimal Pair: two words that differ in meaning because of the change of a single sound (van vs. ban) Morphology: de
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