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Lecture 10

APA 3113 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Bal Gosal, Kathleen Wynne, Stakeholder Management

Human Kinetics
Course Code
APA 3113
Milena Parent

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APA 3113
March 2, 2015
Stakeholders and Protocol
**all about building and creating relationships**
What Are Stakeholders?
-any group/person who can a#ect or who is a#ected by an
organization’s actions
opretty broad
-Freeman created stakeholder theory
Stakeholder Management
must have legitimate interests in procedural and/or substantive
aspects of an organization
Who Are the Stakeholders?
oemployees managers owners
ocustomers suppliers community
-generic; can be applied to anything
-a much bigger map/network for sports events
oorganizing committee and the board of directors are the
middle people
oit does get more complicated depending on what group
you are looking at
-heterogeneous or homogenous in needs/wants?
oevery stakeholder is di#erent and has di#erent
needs/wants based on what their objectives are
active stakeholders
owant to be involved and are interested in the event, may
not always like it but want to be involved
oneed to engage with them much more often and give them
info more regularly
oif you ask them to be part of the planning they can be
involved more in to decisions and help them put their input
omonthly meetings where you can get their ideas while also
dealing with the organizational committee (face to face
o1 800 numbers to give them peace of mind that if they
ever need to contact/have an issue with, they have the
opportunity to do so
passive stakeholders
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