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Lecture 17

APA 3118 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Environmental Policy, Ecological Modernization, Carbon Footprint

Human Kinetics
Course Code
APA 3118
Courtney Mason

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APA 3118
November 27, 2014
Sport, Recreation, and the Environment
Environmental Concerns
- the environment becomes threatened when the carrying capacity
of the place is exceeded by too many visitors and/or too much
- overuse
- sport enthusiasts also have a heavy carbon footprint from their
travelling practices
otravel to and from
1. destruction of sensitive ecosystems
a. ocean coasts, mountains, lakes
b. threatened because they cant cope with the amount of
visitation and development
c. includes interrupting animal migrations and disturbing
animal behaviour
2. depletion of natural resources
a. high consumption of energy water, gas, oil
3. pollution
a. high levels of air, water, light, and noise pollution
b. major waste disposal issues
major barriers
1. economic
a. development of infrastructure and services mostly
considers capital gain above the local environment
b. some popular sport and recreation destinations have
limited economic opportunities, which makes them reliant
on high numbers of visitation for employment and growth
2. politics
a. many governments (municipalities) and industries will not
support any environmental protection because of their
direct vested interests in sport and recreation facility
3. education
a. educating all consumers to think critically about their
recreation practices takes time, organization, resources,
and energy
b. educating locals about possible environmental destruction
issues relies on support from government and industry
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