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Lecture 12

APA 3123 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Trans-Cultural Diffusion, Pierre Bourdieu

Human Kinetics
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APA 3123
Michael Robidoux

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APA 3123
December 2, 2014
International Ice Hockey
Hockey: an International Game?
- players are registered from countries all over the world
- hockey exists globally
- youth hockey and emerging professional leagues
What Were the Implications of Growth?
- economically?
oincreased pro)les translates into increased sponsorship at
local, national, and international sporting events
omanufactures will tap into new areas to sell products
across age, gender, and skill
- game changes?
oreduced violence
ochange in rules
ochange in look
alter visual platform to enable great television
What are Barriers to Growth?
- cost
ocosts of running arenas even in more disadvantaged
regions in Canada is a problem
think remote
oareas with warmer climates & less resources means
building hockey rinks in unfathomable
- culture of the sport
ohow does the sport work within speci)c cultural contexts
Areas for Critical Inquiry
- sport and cultural di.usion
oassimilate people into white society by hockey
- when cultures take up sport are they also taking up the culture
form which it derives?
- can see soccer all over the world because of British expansion
- empires go and bring their sports with them through expansion
Colonizing Bodies
- in taking up sport, cultures embody the values and
characteristics of those who created the sports
- Pierre Bourdieu: French sociologist
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