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Lecture 3

APA 3123 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Bobby Clarke, Summit Series, Golden Goal

Human Kinetics
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APA 3123
Michael Robidoux

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APA 3123
September 16, 2014
Guest Lecture: Andrew Ross
1972 Summit Series
- exhibition series with top NHL players to show the Russians that were
the best
- lost "rst game 7-3
- Paul Henderson scored the golden goal
- seeing the series as a “war
- series is running at the same time as the Cold War
- our chance to symbolically "ght the Cold War against the Russians
- 2 systems "ghting: communism and capitalism/democracy
- Canada was a modern nation (states were more modern)
- scoring the 6th goal made people “feel Canadian
- we were a supplying economy (primary sources)
- 1960s: people started to reject that idea of only giving to the USA
- hockey players are like these primary sources, we send them to the
USA for them to make money
- need to resist this process and develop our own economy
- Russian hockey team were military people
- Russia had no freedom to decide
- team Canada was actually team All Star NHL
- in 1972, there were only 3 Canadian teams out of 17ish teams  USA
controlling our sport and telling us what to do
- Canadian hockey players have heart and passion
- Russian players considered being cold, robotic, machines
- magic and religion is a pre-modern thing “God is Canadian
- Bobby Clarke slashed a Russian on the ankle and “broke his ankle”
- “were number 1!” were the winners
- players were on a salary base (“winning goal got a 25000 raise” or a
new contract)
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