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Lecture 7

ARB2102 Lecture 7: Lecture 7

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Arabic Language and Culture
Kamal Dib

Week 7 History Aleppo, Beirut, and Cairo were the trianglecentre for Arab revinesssence and culture for many years Within the Arab world, Egyptian cinema has always dominated the screen with its prolic production of mass audience lms on the same lines as those of Hollywood. Total number of Arab feature lms over the past 100 years did not exceed 10,000, of which 7,000 are Egyptian. Compared to the American movie industry that has upwards of 200,000 feature lms. Egyptian cinema aimed to entertain and compromise in order to satisfy the audiences. Like Hollywood, Egyptian cinema also strived on its very famous stars. 19171927: Egypt produced short lms between 1917 and 1927, but a handful of feature every couple of years. 19281932: two feature lms per year; two movies with sound in 1932. 1925: Misr Bank under Mr. Talaat Harb invests in cinema established the Misr Company for Cinema and Performance (Sharikat Misr li Cinema wal Tamthil). 19301937: Misr Bank sends technicians to Germany for training. Movie production in Egypt increases from six lms to 17 in 1936; artists salaries rose dramatically. 19391945: Second World War. After 1945: movie production in Egypt 3050 per year, this number was maintained. 1950: six more studios were opened; 350 fulllength feature lms produced by then. Cinema became the most protable industry after textile in Egypt. After Nasser: During President Nassers mandate (19521970), government funded and provided support to the lm industry. In 1971, President Sadat ended most public sector support. There was a withdrawal of public support to the lm industry in Egypt. However, the Egyptian movie industry kept its momentum. Movie Theatres in the Arab World 1987: movie theatres started in Algiers and Alexandria 19061906: French company Path opens movie theatres in Cairo and Tunis 1908: 5 cinemas in Cairo and Alexandria, and 1 in Jerusalem 1917: 80 movie theatre active in Egypt 1927: most Arab countries have a dozen movie theatres each
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