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Lecture 3

ARB2102 Lecture 3: Lecture 3

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Arabic Language and Culture
Kamal Dib

ARB 2102 Week 3 Eight manifestationsthemes of the Arab Renaissance: 1. Arab Literature 2. Arab Media: newspapers, publishing, radio, television didnt come long after european cinema banker sent people to go to germany and train w cinema equipment arabs dont make a lot of movies bc their culture isnt very strong when arab cinema is mentioned, essentially mean egyptian cinema 3. Arab Language 4. Arab Women Empowerment 5. Arab Painting and Sculpture 6. Arab Cinema 7. Arab Music 8. Arab Political Currents Arnold Toynbee: A Study of History wrote a study on history the birth of civilization occurred in Iraq beside the pyramids there are the sphinx (human face with lion head), nobody can tell how old it is, people believed they made it to go nice w the pyramids 1st occurrence of a Lebanese person was in 1856 Lebanon comes from laban (white) Jubail = Giblah (means mountainjabal in arabic) Berbers = amazigh (people from Africa) Two streams of Arab political trends: Islamic and modernist nationalisms: 1. Islamic: Wahhabi or Sala tradition (1750) Muslim Brotherhood (1928)
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