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Lecture 1

ARB2102 Lecture 1: Lecture 1

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Arabic Language and Culture
Kamal Dib

ARB 2102 Week 1 1798: French invasion of Egypt cannot say arab is muslim there are countries that used to be Christian (lebanon) majority of arabs are muslims but thats not their identity never use the words middle east Arab Countries and Their Meanings: Egypt = gypsies gypties= capital: cairo= qahira = city victorious call themselves masr= masri = masriya (girl) coptcopti= someone from egypt Sudan = the arabs referred to lands south of Egypt as Land of the Blacks = the Sudan Khartoum = tusk of the elephant Algeria = jazira is one island jazayer = many islands Algiers = French corruption of alJazayer Morocco = the Moors inhabitants of Spain and North Africa Rabat = Arab City Iraq = country of Mesopotamia (Tagris and Euphrates) and the many waterways in between like veins Saudia Arabia = Yemen= south Arabia Syria = country of the sun or named after the Lebanese town of Tyr or Sour Tunisia= Tunis = Thanis = Thanit = Phoenician God AinThanit Somalia = probably means land of hospitality = from the Arabic word sawmill = to milk the cow and serve the guests Libya = ancient Berber kingdom Jordan = the holy river in the Bible = deep ravine United Arab Emirates = Palestine = derives from the Roman province with the same name and going further from Greek tribes who migrated from the island of Crete The Pelestos Qatar = means small rainfall Oman = ancient name that even people of Oman dont know where it came from
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