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Lecture 2

ARB2102 Lecture 2: Lecture 2

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University of Ottawa
Arabic Language and Culture
Kamal Dib

ARB 2102 Week 2 annahda = awakening = wake up 1978 they ear the arabs swallowed the red pill July 1798: Napoleon conquers Egypt (battle of the pyramids) Mahometans Memelukes= turkish rulers of egypt Mufti = religious leader 1805 Egypt became a huge power Mohamed Ali Pasha (Governor of Egypt from 18051848) and his son almost took over the empire 1820 Britain invades Persian Gulf 1830France invades Algeria 1832 Algerian leader Emir AbdelQadir leads resistance against French occupation 1839 Britain occupies Yemen 1844 France defeats Emir AbdelQadir in Algeria, and then invades Morocco 1847 France takes all of Algeria. Tens of thousands of French colonists settle there 1860 Spain invades Morocco 1863 Khedive Ismail becomes governor of Egypt, launching westernizing reforms that penalize the religious class and create a new landowning elite 1869 Ferdinand de Lesseps, funded by the Egyptian government, declares the completion of the Suez Canal 1869 opening of the Swiss Canal Egypt opens the Cairo Opera house to celebrate the opening of the Swiss Canal 1870 Algerian uprising against French colonialism 1880 massive European colonization of Egypt, mainly in Cairo and Alexandria 1881 France occupies Tunisia 1881 Muhammad alMahdis rebellion against the British in Sudan 1882 Britain invades Egypt and imposes political, military, and economic control 1907France invades Southern Morocco 1911 Italy invades Libya; uses warplanes to bomb civilians. Half of Libyas population killed
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