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Lecture 4

ARB2102 Lecture 4: Lecture 4

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University of Ottawa
Arabic Language and Culture
Kamal Dib

Week 4: ARB2102 Annahda The Arab Renaissance 1854: one Antonious Bachaalani who arrived in North America 18601862: civil war in Syria and Lebanon 18611965: civil war in the USA 1867: founding of Canada (the British North America Act aka BNA) 18671875: few SyroLebanese arrived in Canada 1882: Canada opened door for immigrants from Syria and Lebanon, and within a few years their numbers grew to a few hundred Meaning of Annahda a cultural rebirth of the Arabs that began in the 19th century in Egypt, lebanon, and Syria, and layer in other arabicspeaking regions. It is a period of intellectual modernization and reform. This period has no denite end. Three Representatives of Annahda 1. Rifaa elTahtawi (18011873): a pioneering gure of the Arab Renaissance a muslim clergy who went to Paris in 1926 wrote a book to describe Paris in the most positive way 2. Butrus alBustani (18191893) a Maronite Christian from Mount Lebanon he knew 9 languages and is considered the father of the Arab renaissance. he wrote many books about literature, a dictionary, history, published magazines, and started a secular school with no religious afliation 3. Ibrahim alYaziji (18471906) wrote the poem Wake Up Arabs invented the Arab letters for the typewriter wrote volumes of poetry and literature when he spoke in public he was very eloquent in standard Arabic The Founding Triangle of the ARAB Renaissance Nucleus of the AleppoBeirut Cairo TRIANGLE
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