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Lecture 11

ARB2102 Lecture 11: Lecture 11

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Arabic Language and Culture
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Kamal Dib

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Week 11 Last Class 5. Instrumentalization of Religion: using religion as an instrument for stuff ex: you cannot do this bc in islam it is forbidden despite the universal reach and lofty principles and general statements of religion (as shown in the Bible and the Quran), individuals and groups use religion to produce contradictory interpretations and applications to serve diff or conicting functions states, ruling classes, religious establishments, political movements, organizations, institutions, and individual politicians and religious leaders, all interpret and practice religion in accordance with their interests when you think about religion and using religion as an instrument, you have to think it is really complicated, all of these are involved in using it as an instrument (states, ruling classes, etc) ex: material needs, as dened by their place in the social, economic, and political structures of a country also, they use religion to serve their ideologies, visions, and conceptions of social realities. religion in Arab countries and in all countries for that matter, is used and was used as and instruments for 3 reasons: 1. Religion as a tool of resistance to oppression or foreign occupation: political movements can deploy religious sentiments of their people. this has been successfully used in Arab modern and contemporary history. Algerias lengthy struggle against French colonialism had religious undertones, stressing the islamic and Arab character of the people as a powerful counterweight against French domination. Algerians had a lengthy war of independence bc the arab nationalist forces for secular movement away from religion stayed with Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq Algerians relied on themselves and wanted to win their independence when they won, Algeria didnt lean more towards religion, it became more of a secular like Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, etc. this is an example of Algeria using an instrument
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