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Lecture 3

BIO 1130 Lecture 3: Darwinian Thought

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BIO 1130
Jon Houseman

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Major events in the history of Biology: Darwinian Thought
Jean Baptiste Lamarck:
-Transmutation of species
- Change of species- trying to expain : over time organisms begin to modify
to the area they are in
-Everything starts as a simple organism , over generations it is an improving
organism , essence changes and is altered by environment
-ongoing for long period of time
-Species change , change is a result of adaption
-occurs over extremely long time
- Dna locked in germ cell is one transmitted later on
-Lamarcks flaw is he doesent know of dna, inheritance
-Transmutation is change (radical change)
-Lamarck believes essence of organism , doesent maintain identity but is
influenced by environment and this is where complexity comes from
-finalism believes essence starts simple and becomes more complex over
time , transformation is slow , preprogrammed to change its self over time
-Transmutation is a rapid change , essence underwent dramatic change
19th century:Modern Biology
Darwin and Wallace
-Wallace sends Darwin manuscript to look over it
Voyage of the HMS beagle
-Oppurtinity to collect as much as he wants with unlimited resources and
Darwin five theories
-Gradual changes
-Most of scientists and him were working with morphology
Constancy of species
-Gaps in fossil record
-fossils can occur in variety in different circumstances
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