BIO 1130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Ion, Common Descent, Biogeography

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BIO 1130 Full Course Notes
BIO 1130 Full Course Notes
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Darwinian thought: analogy: structural or behavior trait similar between organisms without common ancestor, bicarbonate: a salt containing the anion hco3. Atmospheric carbon dioxide dissolves in ocean water (bicarbonate and carbonate). Now you have marine sediments and fossil fuels. Combustion of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide back into atmosphere: carbonate: : a salt of the anion co3. They are insoluble in water where they form aggregates. 11)constancy of species: theory which states that every animal was created in the same form that they presently are and that there has been no change. This theory was dominant during the greek and middle ages. He also brought about natural/evolutionary taxonomy: darwin (erasmus): translated all linnaeus text from latin to english; temple of. Nature: descent with modification: as each generation is born, certain traits are selected by the environment. These traits will become more pronounced over time due to natural selection.