BIO 1140 Lecture 13: Transcription pt.1

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Understand, describe and demonstrate the steps involved in transcribing dna to mrna. Be familiar with the elements comprised in a transcription initiation complex and its role. Compare and contrast rna transcription in prokaryotes vs eukaryotes. Know, describe and/or compare the different elements of control for gene expression in prokaryotes vs eukaryotes. Activators, repressors (enhancers, silencers), alternative splicing, operons. Ge(cid:374)es alig(cid:374) o(cid:374)e afte(cid:396) the othe(cid:396) (cid:449)ith i(cid:374)te(cid:396)ge(cid:374)i(cid:272) (cid:396)egio(cid:374)s; a (cid:272)h(cid:396)o(cid:373)oso(cid:373)e has (cid:373)a(cid:374)y diffe(cid:396)e(cid:374)t ge(cid:374)es a(cid:374)d they(cid:859)(cid:396)e (cid:374)ot all related to each other. Central dogma: flo(cid:449) of ge(cid:374)eti(cid:272) i(cid:374)fo(cid:396)(cid:373)atio(cid:374); (cid:272)ells (cid:272)a(cid:374)(cid:859)t take a(cid:374)y p(cid:396)otei(cid:374) a(cid:374)d de(cid:396)i(cid:448)e the ge(cid:374)es. Dna can replicate itself; transcription = dna to rna (rrna to ribosomes) Dna is directly transcribed to mrna in prokaryotes; it can occur anytime: only prokaryotes depend on rho protein to terminate rna transcription. Direction of transcription rna stra(cid:374)d is produced fro(cid:373) 5" pro(cid:373)oter sites a(cid:374)d e(cid:374)ds at.