BIO 1140 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Gap Junction, Paracrine Signalling, Membrane Potential

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Cell Biology Topic 6
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Merae potetial does’t ride idefiitely, ethods of reduig it
Other channels that are voltage gated are sensitive to the change in charge, the
membrane potential becomes an action potential
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Ligand gated ion channels come in different sizes, shapes
We focus on one representative of all channels
What they have i oo Is they all id their ligad to…
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Acteylcholine is key neurotransmitter reaponaible for muscle contraction
Also able to bind to other receptors, can be inhibitory or excitatory
Synapse is junction between 2 cells
Presynaptic cell is the neuron
Postsynaptic cell can be a dendrite at the end of another cell or any excitatory cell, like
the muscle cell
Diagram is not a gap junction because of space between them, is actually a classical
neuronal pathway
It could also be a paracrine path?
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2 acetylcholine required to open up channel, bind to alpha subunit
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Which of these statements best explains how the message ACh brings is interpreted by
the muscle cell:
Common mistakes
Receptors always stay intact
Portion of the receptor doesn’t break off to become receptor
…….Missed Most Things, GO Over Recording and Make Notes…….
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