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Lecture 11

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Molluscasnail and squid examples of extremesFor lab questions prep ahead of time HAMstnot original body plan 1 didnt have shell spiculesclam as a representativebivalves8 shells chitins single shell univalve can be hinged to look bivalvebivalves squished sides laterally compressed it flat foot form v part of visceral mass penetrates inside of foot shell hinged becomes a sedentary burrowerbivalve structures visceral mass sits of top shell completely surroundsCtenidium gills HUGE associated with food gathering Filters particulate matter out of water from incurrent siphon organism suspended in mantle cavity inside of shellanterior posterior adductor muscleposterior adducter muscle abducter always moves away from body so ADDUCTER moves toward and CLOSES the shell When muscles relax it pops open elastic If doesnt open when cooked clam was dead before it was harvested RigorHinge and teeth to ensure it lines up right clam anatomygonads imbedded down in footno head lost cephalization when became sedentary lost the radula an autapomorphy for the phyllum high up in evo tree Squid are actually lower on tree because they retain the ancestral characteristics More derived traitsmore advancedintestine winds through foot and opasses trough pericardial cavityheart in pericardial cavity pumps blood out to ant and post ends Openening to funel metanephridia gonads release gametes into cavity to get to outsideintestine and pericardial dump into excurrent flowcirculatory systemblood pools in thin walled atrium bf heartNitrogenous waste moves from atrium to pericardial cavityBlood vessels Atrium is 1 artery from ventricles but no capillaries Still open bathed Arteries deliver to the open spaces eg foot which is porous like a spongehaemocoel is the main blood cavity Very diffuse spongyness of foot blood bathing digestive glands gonads bathed etc Major body cavity But still have veins to carry
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