BIO 3122 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Zebrafish, Natural Selection, Defensin

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9:48 am: replacement = alters the aa and possible the protein. Foxp2 gene: non replacement = white bars; replacement = pink bars, humans pos selection n changes for this gene that is impt in speech. Key concepts: genome alignments allowed scientists to discover new genes important for physiology and medicine. What is incomplete lineage sorting: why might gene and species trees differ in terms of their divergence order and divergence times, phylogenies can help sort between different evolutionary hypotheses we have studied several in the course. Regulatory networks are often involved in complex adaptations: process of producing a spore is initialed by signal received by surface of bac, upstream regulatory genes then activate/repress downstream genes. Hierarchical gene organization controls devt of animal embryos: order that hox genes are in the genome are in order of when they are expressed in devt.