BIO 3170 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Covalent Bond, Locus Control Region, Methylation

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Objective: rdbps are modular in nature and can experimentally separate their dna-binding and transcription activation domains. Multiple regulatory elements can be involved in the regulation of a single gene. Each rdbp can contribute to the control of expression of several genes and that combinations of rdbps are important in fine tuning gene expression. Even with strong promoter, rna pol don"t begin transcription most regulation happens at the level of activating gene expression. The ability of a protein to access and interact with dna is profoundly impacted by the packaging of that dna into nucleosomes. Compact: more common, 20x less likely for binding. Activator domain is highly acidic for interaction with mediator. However, a single transcriptional regulator can coordinate the expression of many genes. Some regulatory components can be found in complexes with fundamentally different roles (e. g. - repression and activation) Not all transcription regulators have specific binding sequence. Objective: explain the concept of synergistic control of gene expression.