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Review for Protein Section of Intro to Biochem This is a review from Guillet's section of Introduction to Biochemistry (2010) dedicated to Proteins. It should be similar to what Luc Poitras has this year (2011).

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Gabriel Guillet

MIDTERM REVIEW PROTEINSAMINO ACIDS Lecture 7 Important learning objectsdraw the titration curve for a given amino acidappreciate that the nature of an amino acid side chain can affects its biochemical features ex Glycine and histidineSummaryProteins are the active biomolecules that accomplish most of cellular work such as DNA replication DNA transcription and synthesis and intracellular trafficking of vesicles Amino acids constitute the building blocks for protein synthesis TAKEHOME MESSAGE the biochemical features of proteins are largely dictated by the nature of the side chains of their amino acid constituents It is therefore important to discuss the features of amino acids and their side chains before undertaking the study of larger proteinsKey TermsAlphaamino acids molecules that contain a carbon containing a carboxylic acid and an amino group as well as aside chainIonization Curve Ampholyte molecules that contain both acidic and basic groups and will exist mostly as zwitterions in a certainrange of pH Zwitterion chemical compound that carries a total net charge of 0 and is thus electrically neutral but carriesformal charges on different atomsEx ionized version of an amino acid two charged groups of oppositepolarityPeptide Bond the bond from condensation that is a covalent bond between amino acids in a peptideIsoelectric Point the pH at which a molecule or surface carries no electric chargeChiralAsymmetric Center Carbon center that is asymmetrical in terms of stereochemistryEnantiomer nonsuperimposable mirror imagesDiastereomersStereoisomers that are not enantiomersAmino Acids vs ProteinsAmino acids are the monomers of proteinsAmino acids make up the primary structure of proteins Amino acid structure shape the secondary with Hbonds tertiary with intramolecular forces and quaternary intermolecular forces structures of proteinsGeneral Amino Acid InformationGeneral structure for an amino acid is General structure IN VIVO for amino acids zwitterions form is For in vivo conditions both termini are completely ionizedLIFE IS STEREOSPECIFICThere are mostly only Lamino acids that occur in vivo The 20 Amino Acids NonPolar GAV LIMits PPTs Glycine Alanine Valine Leucine Isoleucine Methionine Proline Phenylalanine Tryptophan Name Structure pKCOOH pK NH pK 1 22rGlycine Gly 235 978Alanine Ala 235 987Valine Val 229 974Leucine Leu 233 974Isoleucine Ile 232 976Methionine Met 213 928Proline Pro 195 1064Phenylanine Phe 220 931Tryptophan Trp 246 941
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